Toner Donor Fundraising Program
Toner Donor Fundraising Opportunities

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Toner Donor™

Toner Donor Fundraising Opportunities

Raising Money is HARD WORK:

• Only 7% comes from Grants...down from 40%.
• Donors are tapped out.
• Competition for money is fierce.
• Creativity is required to stand out.

Toner Donor™ to the RESCUE:

• No selling required
• Program runs continuously.
• No administrative requirements.
• EVERY home and office buys ink and toner...over and over again.
• Customers Save 10% - 40% off retail prices.
• Customers buy directly from your own web site.

Proven Effective for:

Not-For-Profits, Schools, Churches, Clubs, Colleges, Sports Teams and More...

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